A Letter to FBC Lawrence

Dear First Baptist Church Family,

I am writing this letter to you to tell you I have accepted a call to be Minister of Membership Development at Country 

Meredith Robe 1Club Christian Church, in Kansas City, Missouri. My last Sunday with you will be July 13.

For many of you this news will be accompanied with surprise and sadness. Please know that I, too, grieve leaving you. This decision and this call follows several months of very difficult discernment, and I have sensed the call of God to a new congregation. As many of you may know, my personal life has gravitated more and more towards Kansas City, and as I look to the future, that is the place where home will be.

I would like to offer my gratitude to you for my time with you the past two years. Thank you for all the ways you welcomed me so immediately into your faith community. You allowed me opportunities to grow – as a preacher, a teacher, and a leader. You shared yourselves with me – in laughter, in tears, in frustration and in joy. Thank you for the ways you have loved me – as your pastor and as your sister in Christ.

You are a congregation of insightful and tenacious people. I have confidence and faith that you will welcome, worship, work and wonder as God’s family. Things you were already doing before I came, and I am confident you will continue in the future. I pray you will find yourselves open to the Spirit’s leading as the building undergoes its transformation. May you, as persons and as a congregation, find yourselves open to the ways God is transforming and re-creating.

In closing, I am reminded of Pastor Matt’s Easter sermon about the women who left Christ’s empty tomb “with fear and great joy.” It is with fear and great joy that I communicate this news to you, and with fear and great joy that I anticipate God’s call on my life in this transition. May we all with fear and great joy live into the work of God’s call in all our days, and particularly these days and weeks of transition.

With gratitude and hope,

Meredith Holladay


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