Good Friday Prayer

Sorrow and Love, O God, Sorrow and Love –
Flowing mingled down.

This day we look to the cross, we tell the ages-old story – it resonates with grief anew. God, it’s hard to see love when we look to the cross, when we see the sky grow dark, in-the-shadow-of-the-cross1and feel the very earth trembling beneath our feet.

It’s easier to feel sorrow, yes, and fear – not understanding what we have done. How did we get from palms and parades to darkness, earthquakes and death?

We walk in the shadow of your cross. We stand, we hide, we look away… ashamed, confused, and alone.

You suffered because of us and on our behalf. Your cries of anguish and abandonment echo. We pray that you, too, may be comforted in your suffering. We pray for your wounds and your pain and your agony.

You traveled a journey of suffering – you invited your friends to stay awake, to join you, to stay by your side. Your journey led you and you alone to the cross.

We stand in the shadow of your cross and see that you suffer alongside us. May we find consolation in our own anguish, our own loneliness, our own pain.

As we walk in the shadow of your death, may we sense the light that glimmers in the darkness, darkness that exists because of our own doing.

This night, in our quiet and in our wondering, let your truth echo deep within us, that:

“beyond sin there is love inexhaustible, beyond death there is life unimaginable,
beyond brokenness there is forgiveness incomprehensible, beyond betrayal there is grace poured out eternally.”[1]


We return our gratitude to you this night – with sighs too deep for words, we look to your cross – we see sorrow and love flowing, and offer our thanks to you.





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