Morning Prayer, 29 September 2013

Many and great, O God, are your works.

You have created the heavens and the earth.
You have created earth and all stars.
You have created all the animals, and birds, and fish, the plants, the trees, the fruits.
You have created us. You know us each by name. You know the hairs on our and path

And you have called it all good. You have called it all very good.

Many and great, O God, is your goodness.

You seek to lift up the lowly.
You seek to fill the empty with good things.
You seek to unleash the great power of your mercy and justice on the earth.
We are, in truth, terrified at what this might do to our ideas of justice, our ideas of right, our ideas of comfort and fulfillment.

Many and great, O God, are your works of reconciliation.
Small and puny are our works of restoration.
How powerful are the works of peace and love at your hands.
We ask this day that we might bear a bit of your power to sow peace and love.

You have told us not to worry – you have told us not to be anxious. God, if we are honest, we do not know how not to worry. We have difficulty shutting off our anxious minds and hearts. Perhaps it is our little faith – give us faith enough to quiet our worries. Perhaps it is because there really are so many things to worry about – so much to lose sleep over. May your peace that passes all our humanly understanding find us in these moments and carry us with calm into our unknown futures. Perhaps we worry and rest in anxiety because we want to control our world – ourselves – other people and we know, deep down that we cannot and we should not. Grant us the grace to let go. Grant us the wisdom to trust your goodness and your justice in place of our own broken vision.

Many and Great, O God, are you works.
Fill us, redeem us, sustain us.

In Jesus name we pray, Amen.


One thought on “Morning Prayer, 29 September 2013

  1. I’m breathing again. This prayer really took my breath away. You speak the words I can’t. I suspect you speak for many, and am grateful. Thanks.

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