Morning Prayer, August 25, 2013

God you have created us for work – to get our hands, hearts, and heads dirty. You have invited us along in your creative work to build up, tear down, cultivate and curate.

God you have created us for play – to delight in the earth, to laugh and celebrate and enjoy one another and your world.

God you have created us for rest – we often fail to remember as we are created in your image, that you, too, rest. You called your creation very good and took the time to enjoy the holiness of (5)

God we are very good at work – or we think we are, trading ideas of busyness and movement for notions of productivity and labor. Shape our ideas of work that we may be bent towards your justice, your service, and your Kingdom.

God teach us again to play – may we delight in our lives as you delight in us.

God teach us again to rest – our weary and tired selves sometimes don’t know how to stop. When we do, guide us to resist seeking entertainment or activity or accomplishment. Grant us the gift of boredom.

God we pray, too, this day for people who have a difficult time understanding the reality of rest, for those who must work more hours in a day, more hours in a week, than seems possible, in order to feed, clothe, and shelter themselves and their families. May we work to shape not only our own lives, but our very culture to a culture that values play and rest in concert with our working.

Cultivate in us the gift and the rhythm of Sabbath. Restore our souls, our relationships, our communities that we may reclaim both rest and delight – as your good and right gift.

We pray all this in your Son’s name. Amen.


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