Morning Prayer, 7.14.2013

We have heard it said, O God that your greatest command is to love you with all of who we are.

With all our heart, O God, help us love you. In loving what you love, may we be agents of your moving and acting love in the world. May we love justice and kindness as you do. May we love our families, our friends, our enemies as you love them. Challenge us to see them through your eyes. May we love as you love – choosing peace deuteronomyand presence instead of violence and alienation.

With all our soul, O God, help us love you. To the core of who we are, may we commit and re-commit ourselves to loving you. Sometimes this feels like a moment to moment challenge. There are many things that compete for our loyalty, for our commitment. May the things we choose reflect a deep and abiding love for you and your world.

With all our mind, O God, help us love you. May we use our questions, our curiosities, our inquiries to seek your face and your ways.  In our approaches to learning, to wondering, to knowing, may we find you in our investigations. We understand that your world and your ways are not found at the end of a Google search – may we know the power of loving you alongside our wonder.

With all our strength, O God, help us love you.  May we respect not only our spirits and our minds, but our bodies, knowing that you created us – fearfully and wonderfully made us. May we use our hands, our feet, our eyes, our ears, to love and serve you in the world. With our physical strength, our emotional strength, our mental strength, help us rely on you and on others, not only on ourselves.

You have also called us to love other people with all of who we are. Challenge us and change us to love others as you love them. Show us your face and your image in all those around us. May we find neighbors in the most surprising of places, and yet not so surprising, as we see your fingerprints, your reflection in all corners of our world.

Write these words on our hearts, that they become part of who we already are, created by you, for you and in you.

We ask all this in your Son’s name,



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