Morning Prayer, June 30, 2013

On the occasion of celebration of baptism.

God of our birth, God of our life, God of our death, and God of our resurrection – in the waters of baptism you call us to new life. In the waters today, call us once again to life in you, following your Son.

In the waters of baptism we remember that we are buried with Christ and raised with him. This day may we be buried to our old lives and raised anew in the ways of your Kingdom.

Buried to vengeance, hatred, and violence,baptism
                  Raise us to peace, acceptance, gentleness.

Buried to jealousy, self-doubt, and hostility,
                  Raise us to contentment, confidence, and welcome.

Buried to wall-building and judgment,
                  Raise us to drawing circles of inclusion, seeking understanding.

Buried to systems of injustice, discrimination and oppression,
                  Raise us to foster new systems of justice, equality and righteousness.

Buried to our own tendencies towards fear,
                  Raise us in your perfect love, which you have promised casts our all our fears.

Buried to our inclinations of despair, anxiety, and worry,
                  Raise us anew in the fullness of your hope and your joy.

Buried to our selfishness and anger,
                 Raise us to compassion and reconciliation.

Buried to our posture of competition,
                 Raise us to cooperation and fellowship.

Buried to our sin,
                Raise us to new life in your son, for it is in his name we pray all these things, and join our voices with him, saying Our Father…


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