Morning Prayer, June 9, 2013

Amos 5.21-24

God of power and might –

We cry out with the voices of your prophets, seeking justice and righteousness. We long to be filled with the good things of your kingdom – your truth, your mercy, your peace – and yet we ask, as men and women have asked from generation to generation, “How Long, O Lord.”

We both fall victim to, and perpetuate systems and cultures of injustice. When we fail to act with empathy and compassion, putting ourselves first, forgive us. When we act smoky-mountains-pictures-flowing-water10out of fear and victimization, have compassion on us. When we would rather blame others for their own circumstances, meanwhile we reject our own positions of privilege, forgive us.

Challenge us with new sight this day, O God; eyes that can see your face in the meek, the poor, the wealthy, the sick, the powerful. May our eyes and hearts be ready to act in the world as you would act, cultivating peace and mercy.

Although we sing, proclaim, and seek your justice and righteousness, too often we fall into rhythms and routines of complacency. Awaken us this day, fill us with your Spirit, to act on behalf of those who lack, to speak on behalf of the voiceless, to empower those who are displaced and disadvantaged. More than that, may we build your Kingdom by advocating real and lasting change in our world. May we no longer shrug our shoulders how things have always been, but stand up for how things ought to be.

We cry out with the voices of your prophets, O God, seeking good and not evil. Help us conform our understandings of good, justice, mercy to yours. May we understand with our whole selves that justice is not punishment, and love and mercy are not sentimentality. Grant us the courage to be agents of your justice, love and mercy, for it is only in doing so that we will be co-creators of your Kingdom on earth.

We pray all this together, joining our voices with your Son, who taught us to pray, Our Father…


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