with sighs too deep for words

Morning Prayer, April 21, 2013

Spirit of the Living God we pause in prayer.

With sighs too deep for words we meet you in worship this morning.

It has been a week of heartbreak, of tragedy, of fear. It has been almost too much to bear – too many images, too many stories, too much speculation, too much devastation. We gather for worship seeking many things. Perhaps we seek answers, or healing, or hope. It is weeks like this, O God, that leave us asking Why?, where no hopeanswer will suffice. It is weeks like this that leave us feeling hollow, unsure of how we may be voices of hope and love in a world that has proven itself so dark – so desperately in need of your hope and your love.

We gather together to share our fears and our questions – to know that we are not alone. We gather together as your people – meet us here; draw us ever closer into your Communion.

With sighs too deep for words we pray with all those who are hurting – who have lost a sense of trust in neighbor, or who fear leaving their home. We pray along with those who have lost not just their homes, but their entire communities. May your Spirit intercede and sustain even the darkest fear.

With sighs too deep for words we pray today even for our enemies – faces that have haunted us on the news, forces unnamable, persons who drive us toward fear and hatred. We pray for Dzhokhar and Tamerlan Tsarnaev. We seek your peace and your healing, searching to know the truth that we are all your beloved. May your Spirit intercede to bring forgiveness and peace.

With sighs too deep for words we know that tragedy and terror are commonplace in other parts of the world. We realize that events that feel like intrusions into our rhythm and routine are, in fact, rhythm and routine for many of your children in other corners of your creation. May your Spirit intercede where we cannot begin to understand.

With sighs too deep for words we ache to know again the power of your Easter story. We seek to meet you in the resurrection once again today. Even in weeks where the darkness seems to cover so much of our world, fill us with your light. Move us ever forward in your hope. Bear us up to be your love.

With sighs too deep for words we long to meet again in our worship the living Christ – who demonstrated your perfect love, grace and compassion. We seek your Kingdom to be made known, and pray all this in Jesus’ name. Amen.


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