Morning Prayer, April 7, 2013

Creating God –

Today we give thanks for the gift of music.

For the gift of melody – for song in which we all lift our hearts and voices. We give thanks Imagefor the ways we can sing together words of prayer and praise to you. We welcome the talents and energies of all those who would join voices together to make the beautiful music in worship of you.

For the gift of harmony – for the many parts and descants that add richness and fullness to our song.  In the harmonies we create and absorb today, may we be reminded of the many parts that make up the body of your kingdom and your church.  May we join together in the work of serving and creating alongside you – each person and part integral to the work you call us to do.

For the gift of dissonance, we give thanks. We recognize that things are not always as they ought to be. Even in our music, we recognize the discomfort in discord. May we be reminded of your presence with us, even in moments of discomfort and pain. May we seek your grace in all these moments.

For songs of lament and mourning, we give thanks. We know that in our music we express not just joy and praise, but struggle, grief, and pain. We are thankful that you are present in our minor keys and our cries for relief and of mourning.

For the gift of movement and dance – for the rhythm that calls us out of our complacency, and into bodily response to the music of the world around us – we give thanks.  May our dancing remind us of the beauty of the rhythm of your entire creation. In our footsteps, our laughter, our breathing, our weeping, in the birdsong, the cries of children, and the multitude of other songs that sing out from your creation, may we find the music of your very Self.

May our lives, our bodies, our spirits be instruments for your music – may our lives sing the song of your grace and resurrection. For all this, we give thanks this day and all days.

In our words of prayer may you find our very song of life. Amen.


One thought on “Morning Prayer, April 7, 2013

  1. Amen and Amen. Growing up, there was always music in our house. Liberian friends would drop by to play piano and sing. Mom, Ruthie and I all played piano, and I played guitar. Dad loved to sing, so sing he did. After doing damage to my wrist last year, I miss making my own music. Dad always said, “make a joyful noise!” So we did.

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