Morning Prayer – Easter Sunday

Redeeming and resurrecting God –

This is a day that simply does not compute.

                A God so big, death’s sting is but a memory.

                                A grace so profound it reaches deep into the darkest crevices of every soul –

                                                Working its way to wholeness.

                A story so wild what else can we do, but extend our hearts in hope for our own resurrection?

But God – though today we gather to reclaim our “Alleluias” and proclaim your resurrection, when we leave this space, maybe even as we sit in these seats, we wonder – alongside those first witnesses –

                                How Can This Be?

For we know death’s sting –

                In our own pain, in our neighbors’ suffering, in the grief of hollow bodies.

                We know the power of death in our living as we look near and far and see






                                                We see how we are entombed in our own living graves.

We know our need for grace – for second, third, fourth, seventh, seventy-seventh new chances. We are too often our own barriers to knowing – believing – realizing the grip of your grace.

May we – with your voice, your Spirit, your hands – offer a resounding NO to the powers of Imagedeath in our world.  May we move from hollowness to wholeness. May our lives be a continued practice of resurrection.

May we do things that simply do not compute.

We know faces of the crucifixion – we hear the news, we are tempted toward hatred, fear, prejudice, discrimination, despair.

Help us practice resurrection – may we live in the presence of Easter with every fiber of our being.  Help us practice the things that bring your power of resurrection and reconciliation ever clearer and deeper through loving our enemies – hatemongers, terrorists, opposing political parties, our own inner demons.  May we pray for them that we might realize our unity in your name.

May we not repay evil for evil, choosing instead the way – your way – of life, light, and love.

As we proclaim this day that “Love’s redeeming work is done,” guide us to be every day reminders that death – in all its forms – does not have the final word.  Move in us to live as citizens of your Kingdom, heralding your resurrection power.

We pray all this together, with the Risen Christ, who taught us to pray… Our Father…


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