Prayer for Maundy Thursday

God, on this night when you – in Jesus – ate and drank with you friends, when you cartwheeled over our notions of power by serving, washing others’ feet – be among us now.

Meet us in this place, in our own acts of service and remembrance.

Meet us in the Bread. As we tear apart the loaf, feel the crumbs fall from our fingers, and taste the wheat cared for by the earth, the sun, the rain, may we be mindful of theMaundy-Thursday-20131 meal shared so many years ago.

Meet us in the Cup. As we saturate our bread in the richness of our juice, may we be mindful of the mystery of your grace, which immerses us to the depths of our being.

Meet us in this meal as we taste and see that you are good.

Meet us in the Hands that serve.  In our taking, breaking, blessing and giving of these things to one another, show forth your Spirit ever-clearer this night.

Meet us in the basin as it holds water. May it remind us of the way you hold us, and the power you give to start anew.

Meet us in the towel – in the simple swathe of cloth by which you put aside your divine power, and humbled yourself to serve us. You take care to cleanse us even unto places we didn’t know needed washing.

Maundy-Thursday-Washing-FeetMeet us in the water. As you demonstrated to your disciples, wash away our notions of greatness and power. Claim us in the vulnerability of the water.

Meet us in the feet of our neighbors – in our touch may we honor the miles they have walked, their leaping for joy, and their kneeling in sorrow.  May we bless the weight their ankles, calves, toes support, the weight of worry, and hope.  May we wash off the dirt and skin, and in being made clean, may we feel anew the waters of your grace.

Meet us in the hands, feet, mouths, and bodies of one another.  As you, in Jesus, walked this earth, ate with us, drank with us, served alongside us, may we meet you in the bodies of one another.

We pray all this together, in the name of Christ who taught us to pray.



One thought on “Prayer for Maundy Thursday

  1. Chris and I have long practiced the holiness and sacredness of sharing meals, with friends or with people who became friends. We can find ourselves in gratitude during these times.

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