Morning Prayer, January 27

God in our confessing – hear in our words the honesty and vulnerability of contrite hearts. May we be honest with ourselves, honest with each other, and honest with you about who we are – in our weakness, our brokenness and our hurting. May our confession be met with forgiveness. Guide us to forgive one another; guide us to forgive ourselves. Most of us, fill us with all the hope and assurance of your forgiveness and your grace.

God in our silence – quiet our restlessness, and calm our anxieties.  Fill the deafening space with your peace and your assurance.  Our silence is so rare; it is, in fact, wheatgolden.  Or perhaps, it is terrifying.  As we are more accustomed to noise, to rhythms, murmurs, hums in the background, may our silence offer new ways to hear something different – to hear our own honest fears, confessions, assurances.  May we hear your still, yet firm voice calling us – out of where we are, and into the place you call us to be.

God in our singing – may we lift our voices, our souls, our instruments in both praise and lament. May our song be true. Meet us in our music. May our rhythms match your song – in our heartbeats, our breath, our laughter and our sighing – find us in the music of our very being.

God in our listening – may we hear your voice.  We so very rarely listen – really listen – choosing instead to hear snippets, sound bytes, clips of something newsworthy, inflammatory, entertaining. Forgive our impatience and our quickness to defend or refute. Instead, calm our reflexes, and leave us open to hear and listen to the words of others, to your words, that we might receive in full faith what you have for us. May we be transformed in our listening and challenged to do your work. May we respond in your truth and your grace.

God in our responding – may we seek only to serve you, not our own wants and desires. May we respond as you would respond, in compassion, with justice, fully of loving-kindness.  May our feet be swift and our hearts be heavy with the burden of your work. May our eyes see others as you see them, beautiful, fearfully and wonderfully made, first and only in your image.  May we anger slowly and righteously, and may we forgive kindly and fully.

We ask all these things in the name of your Son. Amen.


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