Morning Prayer – Advent One.

Come, O Long Expected Jesus.

We are not good at waiting. We enjoy having the answers; we enjoy having information literally at our fingertips.

It’s hard to enter this season with so much information, so much knowledge, knowing the end of the story and yet being told to wait.

We know what happens next, and so often we are quick to skip this part to get to the end.

Give us pause in these days and weeks to reclaim the patience necessary to meditate on what it means to wait for your coming.  Give us the space and the time to open ourselves fully to the promise of your incarnation.


God, we are a people of information, constantly seeking and relying on concrete data. You are the God of truth, of mystery and of presence.  May this season allow us to become people who embrace the mysterious truth of your presence among us.

Though we are not very good at waiting, we are all-too-familiar with longing.  Perhaps we’ve even lost hope in our impatience and our hurry.  We need not look too far to see places, faces, communities, populations where your presence is so deeply needed.

Perhaps the answer, God, is in your mystery. When we are tempted towards concreteness, grant us a sense of wonder. In a world of facts and figures and logic and numbers, remind us that you are the God of mystery, who speaks life into all who are ready with a faithful “Yes.” May we say yes to your presence, yes to your promise, yes to your mystery. May we live into it all in wonder.

May our yes be in response to the life and witness of your son, with whom we pray today.



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