Morning Prayer, November 11, 2012

God who calls us by name –

Call us this day to your service.  Some are called to speak, and others to listen. Some are called to sing, some to play, some to create, some to write, some to participate. Some are called to trust, some are called to question. Some are called to laugh, and some are called to weep. Some of us are called to build, and some are called to imagine. Some are called to hold and some are called to be held.  You know us and call us each by name.  Thank you that you created each of us as your children to give and work and be your Kingdom.

Thank you for calling us out to be your church in this place. Thank you for the stories we have to share of a rich tradition and a rich history of being a community, of being your community together.  Help us hold these stories tightly as we also open our hands and our selves to the stories you have yet to write among us. May we remain ready to create together the future you call us to day by day.

God we know that part of what you call us to is to give – of what we have, and most important to give who we are. It is challenging work to wake up and live our moments saying no to the things that distract from you and leave us with less that our entire being for you.  May we hear your call echo deep within us to commit once again all of who we are to all of who you are.

You are the God of unity, of wholeness and of reconciliation. We have been praying and seeking unity in these weeks where discord and division have been most keenly felt. May our prayer be in earnest. May we be willing to heed the call to be your peace, to be your reconciliation.

You call us to humility, to service, and to grace.  Meet us in that call, and may we hear it with new ears, receive it with new hands this day.

It is through your Son, the Christ we pray, Amen.


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