Morning Prayer, October 14

Creating and Ever-Present God –

Sometimes it feels tempting to give into the grey skies and forget. Our forgetful hearts feel the deluge of doubt and anxiety. Our forgetful spirits remain clouded by the pessimism of the now.

We have our minds fixed on moving targets – shifting up and down and back and forth with each passing poll, headline, mood or cold front. Call us back to you; fix our eyes and our spirits on you – the unchanging and eternal God.

We come this morning in many ways weary. Our schedules have stretched us thin, our worries have exhausted our bodies, and our own expectations have reminded us of our all-too-human reality of brokenness.  In our weariness, O God, grant us rest, grant us contentment, and grant us strength to press on. In our busy-ness, grant us the wisdom to know what we must do, and the courage to say no.

Others of us come this day with your joy on our lips, and your dance in each step. Remind us, this day, to seek out others who need comforting, who need a breath of fresh air.

Others of us come to this place filled with gratitude and gladness. May we write our thank you on our very palms that we not forget your steadfastness and your grace.

You have created us and called us to be transformed. The work of transformation is not easy. We would so often, if we are really honest, rather conform to the world around us – it is familiar, even in its mad dash for success. We know the rules of the world. As you have spoken to your prophets, continue to speak among us, transform us daily that we may live out the one faith as you abide with all your people around the world.

God for all your children around the world, we offer thanks and ask your abiding presence be felt. For all those who are doing the challenging work of building your Kingdom in this room, in this city, in this nation, and to all the ends of the earth, we rejoice and ask for hope and courage.

We ask all these things in the name of your Son.


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