Pilgrimage day 11

Our last full day in San Francisco. We started out around 9:30 a.m. for a packed day. We worshiped at St. Gregory of Nyssa Episcopal and got to hear Sara Miles preach. The rector, Paul Fromberg, is on sabbatical. Paul and Sara came to our church in Waco in December to lead a retreat (and we read her book, Take This Bread together) so this worship experience plus the food pantry on Friday were part of our main call towards San Francisco.

After worship we headed into the Mission district for sushi to a place Sara recommended. We polished off a rather impressive array of rolls and nigiri. On our way to the Mission Delores park we stopped in 826 Valencia – a hybrid writing/literacy center for kids and a pirate shop. Yes, a pirate shop.

We stopped for a bit to enjoy the sun and soft grass at the park and talked together about the worship service and other experiences this week, and read a piece by Brueggemann on the myth of scarcity.

We then embarked to Berkeley to spend the rest of our final day. We spent most of that time on the UC campus to talk some more and share in the LSBC tradition of the “web of love” (see photo of my toe + rope below). We had an american dinner (meat! cheese fries! more meat! more cheese!) and then journeyed back to our hostel to pack and turn in for our final night in one room together. Monday we check out of the hostel at 10 and on to the airport.

For me and our seniors we return to Waco to unpack our suitcases and start packing up boxes. (wanna help?)






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