Pilgrimage day 7

This is the first time all trip where morning did not mean packing up the van and traveling to a new location. We had a leisurely morning (which for me meant a run along the coastline), and a group trip to Carmel beach. Even though it was only about 65 degrees outside and windy, our three ladies decided to swim. And swim they did. A few scrapes and some blue lips later we headed back to Monterey for lunch.

Afternoon was free time. I can’t speak for the rest of the group, but my afternoon was spent wandering around town and enjoying how summer ought to feel. I did get some jeans at a second hand store because evenings are chilly.

We had family dinner at a seafood restaurant where most things we ate–at least seafood–were locally caught. I don’t know if the chicken sandwich one of our youth ate was locally caught.

As the day is tumbling to a close, the girls are looking forward to a nice long night of sleep and the guys are staring down the neck of a game of monopoly.

Tomorrow holds another easy morning with some conversation about nature, spirituality and environment. Then on to San Francisco.





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