Pilgrimage day 5

The most important thing to know about Monday is: Grand Canyon. We stayed Sunday night in one of the in-park lodge/hotels and then spent a good part of Monday in the park. I got up early and ran along the south rim. I was slowed by stopping every little bit to gasp and snap pictures, and the elevation played tricks on my lungs. We took some time to explore the rim alone, then after lunch hiked down into a bit of the canyon. On the way up a summer storm found us.

The rest of the day we drove through Nevada, pausing to drive through the strip (and played Elvis on repeat). Finding a place to eat dinner was a challenge as it seems all dining is couched in the windowless, time-stopped casinos. So, somewhere just shy of the California border we succumbed to McDonald’s. (gross) We spent the night in Barstow, California and are now en route to Monterey and Big Sur. It’s a safe bet to say we are equal parts excited for both the ocean and a laundromat. Okay, maybe a tinge more excited about the ocean.






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