Pilgrimage day 4

Sunday began with the quiet sunlight peering in through the windows at the monastery. We joined the religious community and other visitors for breakfast. Homemade granola, homemade bread, homemade marmalade and jam. Might be one of my favorite meals of the trip so far. And to my surprise despite some of the extremely picky appetites along for the ride, the cottage cheese was a popular selection.

We worshipped with the community in pecos, and departed after that for lunch in Albuquerque. After some heavy (and delicious) meals we agreed serving fresh and green was in order. Whole Foods it was.

The afternoon was spent enjoying the desert, mountains, occasional dust-ups, and casinos dotting the scenery. We stopped for dinner in Flagstaff at the Flagstaff Brewing Company (standard American fare seems to appease everyone). The best piece of that meal was the appetizer of roasted garlic cloves which spread over toasted bread.

We had some discussions about monastic life and various levels of (dis)engagement with culture.

We rolled into the Grand Canyon as the sun was setting and are relaxing in the Yavapai lodge ready to get out and explore in the morning.





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