Road trip days 12 or so

I’ve been a little MIA.

But not really, you know?

I’ve had my iPhone almost as much as normal, if not more so.

But until right now (11:56 a.m. EDT, Monday, June 18), my computer has been securely tucked away in its place in my backpack, right where I packed it Thursday morning.

And I have a couple of phone calls I need to return.

I’ve been here:

Beaufort, South Carolina. Life feels slower here. My friends live on a cul-de-sac. They walk their dog at night with all the other families of dog walkers. We sleep in, we cook real food, we read books. This is my sixth or seventh visit here, and one thing I remember about my visits other than the reliably good conversation and beautiful sunsets, and cute daughters, is that here I read books faster than I do in my normal life (at least books I’m not otherwise required to read).

So, it’s been slower, and I’ve been slower. But I’ve got pictures and a few stories. One picture I’ll spare you is of my painful and really strange-looking sunburn from our day at the beach on Saturday. It was a perfect day – no clouds. A perfect day for pale persons like me to get ridiculously burned. Occupational Hazard.




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