road trip, days four through seven – detour through space country

The end of my first full week of the trip went slightly north, but still decidedly Southern, in Madison, Alabama, just outside of Huntsville. In fact, most of the time spent outside the house was in Huntsville, so there’s that. I visited my college friend Stefanie and her husband Drew. I dressed in purple and held some flowers in their wedding – seven years ago – thanks for making me feel old, guys. Also, they have a doll of a daughter, Eliza Wren, who is about 10 months old. Like most baby-toddlers her age, she is curious about everything, and into cords, electronics, phones, laptops – everything she shouldn’t grab for she does.  Though, surprisingly, she didn’t try to rip my nose ring out of my head, so good on her for that. Within about five minutes of me being in their house she was reaching for me and wanted to study me and snuggle. Clearly I am okay with that.

While I stayed with the Justices, we spent a lot of time relaxing, watching HGTV, and eating well. I barely got my stuff unloaded before we were off for what Drew promised to be the best BBQ in Huntsville. Turns out the owner/cook is from west Texas and the BBQ was some of the best I’ve ever had. Nice treat.  Thursday Stef, Eliza, and I joined two of Stef’s friends for girls’ night at a Mexican place. I refuse to compare it to Texas Mexican food, but it was still pretty great.

Friday, we went to Lowe Mill, an old mill (how’d you guess) in Huntsville that has been converted to multi-use space – mostly artists’ studios and shops. There’s also a record store, a theater, and a couple of little restaurants.  They do concerts throughout the year, and on Fridays in the Summer there are free concerts “on the docks”. We took some food and drinks, baby in the stroller and enjoyed some music by Shovels & Rope, and some delightful weather.

After enjoying some CSA-sourced veggie pizza, I hit the road towards Atlanta (where my GPS took me from Alabama, through Tennessee, into Georgia, back into Tennessee, and into Georgia to stay) where I arrive at my sister’s place for a few days; isn’t she pretty?


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