a prayer for pentecost

Spirit of the Living God,

Fall fresh on us today.

Spirit of every tongue, of every tribe, and of every nation, Spirit who rushes in the wind, pour out yourself on us this day.

Come again among this people, like the flaming presence on the first Pentecost. Stir us from our rhythm and our routines; move us out of our ruts. May we know your presence and sense your stirring among us.

In the midst of our distraction, which we mask as our own importance, and in the midst of our busy-ness, which conceals our loneliness and emptiness, restore a right spirit of community and solidarity. Help us see with fresh eyes the need for lasting and true relationships. Stir us from the futility of seeking personal fulfillment and calling it salvation.

Spirit who comes as a wild goose, give us resiliency to replace our inertia, forgiveness to replace our bitterness, patience to replace our hurry, and understanding to replace our anger.

Spirit of flesh and tongue, of wind and flame, and spirit of flight, come to us today, not just as individuals striving alone, but as a church community that reaches beyond these walls. Give us unity deeper than ideology, give us clarity, wisdom and courage, that we might speak in tongues for all to understand. Recreate us into the church you imagined.

Through the risen Christ we pray, Amen.


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