oy vey.

talk about waking up on the wrong side.
it all started with a pounding headache, which should have been my cue to roll over and lay still for another hour.  i stubbornly forced myself to the gym, though did not have the wherewithal to run.  (or much of anything as it turns out.)
I felt all sorts of out of it the following several hours.  I thought I had enough time to get lunch at one of my favorite places with a couple of my favorite people, but didn’t get out of the department on time, so we went somewhere faster (though also good).  I was in such a rush to get to my car and get there (also: hungry), i headed straight to where my car was.  Or so I thought. I could not find my car. (Thank Jesus for clickers.)  The clicker though didn’t seem to be worked because I could not hear the beep-beep.  I resorted to the PANIC! button, because, clearly, I was on the verge of PANIC! (also: hungry)  No honking or flashing lights.  However, there was an empty parking spot right where I began to convince myself I had left my car. Except it was empty.  No way my car got towed, so clearly my car had been stolen. Yep. That had to be the most obvious answer. I go to call Jen, to inform her we would be calling the Police instead of eating sandwiches.  As I continue to roam, and her phone is ringing, she picks up, I look up, and there is my car. In the row behind where I had been aimlessly pointing the PANIC! button. Awesome. Crisis averted.

Headache continued to persist as did general out-of-it-ness.

It wasn’t all bad.  The weather was beautiful. I wrote a paragraph of my dissertation (these days that feels major), and had a delicious dinner and satisfying conversation.

Also, headache gone.


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