a proposal for the IOC

With the advent of the Winter Olympics beginning, I suppose my subconscious was working overtime.  I tend to have vivid dreams that reflect some form of reality.  Rather frequently I wake up thinking “did that really happen?”, “am I really in a fight with _____?”, etc.  Last week right before the Olympics began I dreamt that they had added a new ‘event’: theology.   Yeah, I know.  Not exactly an athletic event.  And what marks it as a “winter” sport rather than a “summer” sport?  I don’t remember too many details except that the “theology arena” resembled something like the UN Security council room: people seated (judges? spectators?) in stadium seating in an almost-circle.  The other bit I remember was some confusion over who would actually be eligible to ‘compete,’ given that ‘athletes’ had to be amateurs.  Wonder which country would take the gold in this one?


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