No, not that kind.

Andrew Bird concert in Dallas: March 22

10K in Austin: March 29

Comps: Scheduled.  April 21, 23, 24.  Get it done.

Spring Youth Retreat: April 24-26.  Take exams. Vomit everything I know about three different subjects into a USB drive.  Go hang out with youth for a weekend.  Re-focus.

Oral Exam/Proposal Defense: Sometime the following week.

Students’ final papers due: May 1

Over the Rhine concert in Austin: May 2 (I will go by myself if I have to)

Going Away Dance Party: Better happen sometime in between above and below

Car packed and drive out of Waco: May 11

Arrive in Kutztown: May 15

Start teaching at Kutztown University: May 18

Present at National Assoc. of Baptist Professors of Religion (mouthful): May 30

[yep. still all happening]