here we go.

It’s all happening.

At another time in my life, someone I used to know would say that often describing all sorts of other things that were happening. Things coming together. Things moving forward.

When I moved to Waco, it didn’t feel like everything was happening. Everything was new and different and I hate moving, I hate new and different. (At least now I can admit that.)  Everything kept changing that first year. More new. More different. More difficult. But those things are other stories for other days.  One of the questions I hear most regularly is “how much longer do you have?” which is closely akin to “how long will you be in Waco?” The answer shifted to “Until I finish.”  That answer is typically accompanied by clarifying that unless some reason manifested to move me from Waco, it just made more sense to stay planted, keep plugging away, and carry to completion what led me here in the first place.   I never imagined the “unless…” would finish its sentence.

But here I am. Preparing for the something that is giving me cause to pick up my somewhat-reluctantly made roots and plant them else where for a little while.

In November I happened upon a teaching fellowship program through the state university system in Pennsylvania.  It’s for the summer, it’s aimed at cultivating diversity in the college educational experience; it’s focused on teaching. It sounded ideal.  I applied. And I got the job offer.  And the news got better—would I be willing, would I be available to extend my stay for the school year.  Better, yes, and bittersweet.

I’ll be going to Kutztown University for the first part of the summer to teach Religion and Society. Then I’ll be at Bloomsburg University until the end of the school year, teaching Intro to Religious Studies and a couple electives. (If anyone is interested in covered bridges, you should come visit me. Also, Autumn, anyone?!)

It’s all happening, indeed. In May, I will pack up clothes, books, music (my necessities) and drive to Pennsylvania. I am taking another few steps along this journey and this calling.  I will be finished with my comprehensive exams, and will have defended my dissertation prospectus (all successfully, God willing).  I will continue along the road, following my heart.  It’s all happening. It’s all falling into place. And it’s good, it’s life affirming and it’s exciting.

My heart is full of gratitude and anticipation. And it is heavy knowing what and whom I will leave back in Texas.  A year is a long time. Yet not so long at all.

It’s all happening.


3 thoughts on “here we go.

  1. congrats, sweet one. pennsylvania is closer than texas. i would love to see you while you’re there. i’m so excited for you. it’s all happening. xoxoxo (if you notice, that was an extra xo, i don’t give those out freely.) 🙂

  2. Mer, exciting news! My favorite line is “I will continue along the road, following my heart.” This will be such a rich experience. Congrats and I hope everything else is going well!

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