fuel for the flame

I’ve refrained from forming words regarding the election since the candidates have been chosen, and the circuses have ensued full swing. Why add any other voice to the choir—the unintelligible drivel of lipstick, pigs, and (false) sexism will just drown it out anyway.

Perhaps I’ll always be gullible, but I continue to be surprised by the noise to which I wake up every morning. The amount of outright bullshit that we are fed under the guise of ‘nourishment’—sensationalist headlines offered to us as ‘breaking news’. I watch and read these ‘news’ stories and ‘interviews,’ I hear about the games campaigns are playing—and yes, McCain/Palin I’m talking about you—not allowing the press to talk to Sarah Palin until they show her ‘deference.’—and I am outraged. Why are we not calling these people on their games? This is a woman who very likely could be president, we do after all scrutinize vice presidential candidates because of the clear and present danger that they could ascend the throne, as it were. Sarah Palin is not running for beauty queen (anymore), she is on the ticket as the potential leader of the free world—a very broken, corrupt and unjust world, but The. Free. World. Nonetheless. And her ‘people’ want the press to show her deference? How much confidence does that show in their candidate? If they were truly confident that the woman who might lead us is capable, then they would welcome the scrutiny, welcome the questions, welcome the opportunity to prove themselves. Rather, they are hoping that her gender and her ‘pretty’ will fool us all and will be enough to cover up her vast and scary inadequacies and utter incomprehension of who We are, what the Constitution says, and even the conception of “God’s task.” I ought to know by now the limits of the intelligence of the voting populace. Yet, I keep hoping… “Surely they’re not buying this.” I watched both conventions (okay, one more than the other), but how do we look at an overwhelmingly old, white, male, homogenous gathering of Americans, and think, yes, they understand me, they understand my neighbor, they understand the ‘tired, the poor, the huddled masses.’ They don’t. And the garbled response to straight forward questions, the muddled justifications for earmarks, war, and wealthy privilege, should prove to us anything but ‘straight-talk’ and ‘maverick’.

But somehow they’ve duped a good portion of us. Judging by the microcosm of public opinion represented by Facebook, Sarah Palin’s record on leadership corresponds very little to her ability to lead. But rather her identity as a pretty, Christian, mother is all we need to know. Since when do we assess who understands our country and is best equipped to lead it based on with whom we’d rather grab a beer? I don’t care if I’d rather ‘hang out with’ the Obamas over the McCains (though, incidentally, I would), but I care about what Obama cares about, and hope for my country what Obama hopes for my country, and believe in the kind of collective responsibility and public welfare and justice that he does.

A couple of links for you (thanks Traci):

Some fact checking. Also, of course, check out this. (the link wasn’t working–but it was supposed to go to http://www.factcheck.org)
She says it better than I could

A slideshow from Alaska


6 thoughts on “fuel for the flame

  1. To be fair, however, I need an equal assessment and background check on Biden. I’ve yet to see such scrutiny in the press on him.

  2. Anna,

    Joe Biden was elected to the U.S. Senate in 1972, and has been reelected many times since by the citizens of Delaware. His peers have appointed him to numerous high-powered committees in the Senate.

    In other words, if you’re looking for “an equal assessment” of Joe Biden, just ask the people of Delaware or the members of the U.S. Senate for the last 35 years. They have assessed him, reelected him, and entrusted him with great responsibility, particularly in the arena of foreign affairs.

  3. If I vote, I’m voting Obama/Biden. That being said….

    When I listen to the four persons in this deal, Palin’s by far the one that stands out as “rookie”, not only on her resume, but in her argumentation. Being able to see Russia doesn’t count as foreign policy. She’ll do okay with Charlie Gibson, but the world leaders will run all over her.

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