I bought my ticket to go home for Christmas. After debating the dates in my head and with my dad–do I use Waco as my starting point, but not come home until Christmas Eve, or do I save some money, leave from Dallas and have a few more days home? If I waited and left from Waco it would certainly be “easier”: free parking, a 10 minute drive to the airport, use less gas, don’t have to bother any other people with my plans, blah blah blah. But there’s the stress of traveling on a holiday (or holiday-eve). If I leave out of Dallas it saves some money now, and I’ll get to be home for a bit longer. (“Get” to be home–as if that were the main objective…ha. But I digress.) So I was looking at the flights and it would have been the same price to fly out on either Dec. 20 or 22 (but not 21. Go figure.) Either way I figured I’d come back on the 30th. Back in time for Waco-Rockin’-New-Years-Eve. I chose the 20th. No real logic.

That was this morning.

This afternoon the hidden logic revealed itself. I checked the mail and the lone item in the box was Over the Rhine’s Live From Nowhere, volume 3. At long last. I knew it would be later than promised. For good reason. And I knew they promised something ‘extra special’. They did not slack this time. Enclosed with my copy of the album was a ticket for me and one guest (or me, my spouse, and my children. cool.) to come to the Christmas “gathering and acoustic performance” in Cincinnati. December 21. I did not know OtR’s schedule when I bought my ticket. Nor did I know that I would get in for free. I will be home in time for the show, and I will bend over backwards to be there. (Which, after yoga today, is much more a threat than a promise.) Now, who gets to be my ‘guest’?

Thanks Karin; Thanks Linford. See you in December.


One thought on “serendipity

  1. Lovely, lovely. Felicitous, wouldn’t you say???

    I can’t wait to see you then, that is, if I don’t catch you in Scotland first.

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