a new age bracket?

I’ve been saying things lately, wondering if my sub-conscious is attempting to help me prepare for the impending and undeniable late-twenties….

Things like, “give me a minute, I need to put on my face.”

and, “Oh nothing, just toodling around on the internet.”

and, “it’s back from vacation and straight into the office…”

oh crap.  what summers used to mean…


2 thoughts on “a new age bracket?

  1. 1. I’m still not okay with you leaving town again. But that’s unrelated.
    2. That first thing you said was to me! Huzzah!
    3. There was nothing old maidish about your birthday part(ies)y. The highlight for me was your toast to yourself. I don’t think anyone else could have gottten nearly so enthusiastic a response.

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