spring tunes

Okay, so it’s been a week.  Or a month. Or a semester.  I have officially sat in my final class as a student (at least an enrolled student in a required course).  There are lots of thoughts, a good bit of news.  But some other time.  And hopefully soon.

In the meantime, because I love mixtapes/cds/compilations–Enjoy my latest.  Here is the track listing.  I know I sent some out, and others I want to send out.  I need to refuel on blank discs, and if you really really really (like, really) want one, let me know. (Allison, I know I owe you multiple discs.  It’s on my May Resolution list. Promise.)

HEB Spring Mix.

1.    Legs – ZZ Top
2.    The Revolution Starts… — Steve Earle
3.    Polite Dance Song – The Bird and the Bee
4.    Let It Ring – Amy Ray
5.    Merry Happy – Kate Nash
6.    Sunshine – Decemberists
7.    Can’t Believe a Single Word – VHS or Beta
8.    Against All Odds – Phil Collins
9.    Ain’t Got So Far To Go – David Byrne
10.    Wednesday (Contra La Puerta) – Mike Doughty
11.    Coffee’s Cold – Abigail Washburn
12.    Will You Return? – Avett Brothers
13.    La-Da-Da – Basia Bulat
14.    With Arms Outstretched – Rilo Kiley
15.    Plasticities – Andrew Bird
16.    Change is Hard – She & Him
17.    Apples & Oranges – Dogs Die in Hot Cars
18.    Saturday Morning – Eels
19.    Ashes and Wine – A Fine Frenzy
20.    It Was a Beautiful Car – M. Ward
21.    Flume – Bon Iver
22.    Forever Young – Bob Dylan

Maybe, also eventually, I’ll write up some liner notes.  If y’all are lucky.


3 thoughts on “spring tunes

  1. Meredith, I have many blank CDs. I’d love to hear your Spring Tunes, considering how much I loved the other mix you gave me … could I beg to benefit from your taste, particularly if I threw in a few extra blanks (though they don’t look like awesome little LPs, I’m sad to report)?

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