a new age bracket?

I’ve been saying things lately, wondering if my sub-conscious is attempting to help me prepare for the impending and undeniable late-twenties….

Things like, “give me a minute, I need to put on my face.”

and, “Oh nothing, just toodling around on the internet.”

and, “it’s back from vacation and straight into the office…”

oh crap.  what summers used to mean…


I think I’ll start tuning in…

(from a recent episode of 30 Rock, which I am currently watching.  In the library.)

Alec Baldwin: Kenneth, if Mr. Bright here told you to vote Republican would you do it?

Kenneth: Uh, no sir, I don’t vote Republican. Or Democrat.  Choosing is a sin, so I always just write in the Lord’s name.

AB: That’s Republican; we count those.

spring tunes

Okay, so it’s been a week.  Or a month. Or a semester.  I have officially sat in my final class as a student (at least an enrolled student in a required course).  There are lots of thoughts, a good bit of news.  But some other time.  And hopefully soon.

In the meantime, because I love mixtapes/cds/compilations–Enjoy my latest.  Here is the track listing.  I know I sent some out, and others I want to send out.  I need to refuel on blank discs, and if you really really really (like, really) want one, let me know. (Allison, I know I owe you multiple discs.  It’s on my May Resolution list. Promise.)

HEB Spring Mix.

1.    Legs – ZZ Top
2.    The Revolution Starts… — Steve Earle
3.    Polite Dance Song – The Bird and the Bee
4.    Let It Ring – Amy Ray
5.    Merry Happy – Kate Nash
6.    Sunshine – Decemberists
7.    Can’t Believe a Single Word – VHS or Beta
8.    Against All Odds – Phil Collins
9.    Ain’t Got So Far To Go – David Byrne
10.    Wednesday (Contra La Puerta) – Mike Doughty
11.    Coffee’s Cold – Abigail Washburn
12.    Will You Return? – Avett Brothers
13.    La-Da-Da – Basia Bulat
14.    With Arms Outstretched – Rilo Kiley
15.    Plasticities – Andrew Bird
16.    Change is Hard – She & Him
17.    Apples & Oranges – Dogs Die in Hot Cars
18.    Saturday Morning – Eels
19.    Ashes and Wine – A Fine Frenzy
20.    It Was a Beautiful Car – M. Ward
21.    Flume – Bon Iver
22.    Forever Young – Bob Dylan

Maybe, also eventually, I’ll write up some liner notes.  If y’all are lucky.