Now that that’s over

I’m back in Waco.  That’s the good part.

Everyone has their worst-case-scenario travel story.  My worst experience is still being delayed nearly five hours in Dallas on Christmas Day trying to get to the West Coast, turning my Christmas into an all-nighter, most of which was spent in an airport staring at the closed Einstein Brother’s Bagels.

This most recent experience rivals that.

I should have left Savannah at 5:30 (est) and arrived at Dallas Love about 10:20 (cst).  The first flight out of Savannah (on Continental) got cancelled, thankfully (?) due to mechanical issues so they were obligated to take care of everyone.  Continental rerouted me on Delta, which seemed fine; I would have to land at DFW instead, and an hour later, but I would make it to Texas that night, and still be able to get back to Waco, to my own bed.

Issue one: The Delta agents didn’t want to let me on the plane because “we don’t know if we have your luggage yet.”  Well what if I don’t care, what if I want to risk it?  My stuff will get there eventually.  I can’t believe I practically begged someone to get me to Texas As. Soon. As. Possible.  She let me on the plane, (I’m still wondering if she legally could have stopped me since I already had a boarding pass), and soon after I sat down (thank you for the exit-row-window-seat), the pilot came on to announce we would be taking off shortly, but we were waiting for some last minute bags.  Oh.  The airlines finally started to communicate.  That flight took off an landed in Atlanta relatively uneventfull–except we didn’t get a beverage service.  Details.

Atlanta’s airport is nice, the Chinese food was a little old.

Issue two:  Get on the plane that should have taken us from Atlanta to DFW.  Everything seems fine.  As we’re sitting at the gate, the pilot announces that we have a minor technical issue but it’s being taken care of an we’ll be off shortly.  He meant it.  Shortly we were off to the tarmac.  Where we promptly stopped.  And waiting.  “Folks, we have a flat issue; we’re going to need to wait for maintenance to come and check it out.  We’ll keep you posted.”  Waiting.  “Folks, maintenance is here but can’t fix it here, so we’re going to have to pull back to the gate.”  Sighs, groans and yawns all around.  We get assigned a gate.  “Ladies and Gentlemen the Captain has announced that if you need to use your cell phones or electronic devices now you are free to do so.”  I don’t think anyone heard the nice lady because they were all already talking on their ‘electronic devices’.  Waiting some more.  “Folks, we thank you for your patience and understanding: we’re unable to fix the problem, but we are going to get you to Dallas tonight–just on a different chariot.” (Yes, he really said chariot.)  We all de-plane, re-group, and trudge down to the new gate to get our new seat assignments.

Sub-issue two-B:  We are at Gate 24.  Announcer: “This is a gate change announcement for Delta flight 1409 to DFW.  New gate: 33.”  Half the people start walking to the alleged ‘new’ gate.  The agents at gate 24 get on the red phone, confirm that, no gate 24 is the correct gate.  Eventually we get on the plane.  Mostly all in the same seats.

All in all–we land at DFW at 1:15 a.m. (cst).  My gracious friend Erin drove even further out of her way and came to get me at such a late hour.  Instead of being able to get back to Waco last night, I took a glorified nap on her couch and got up to drive back first thing.

Going to drive to the Austin airport in a few hours to get a friend who is also flying Delta.  I’m hoping I got all the mechanical issues for the both of us and tonight’s flight will be smooooooth and on time.

That being said, the trip to South Carolina was great and mostly relaxing. (I kept the hours of a small child–and they get up early.)  I have some fun pictures and stories, so those should be coming soon.


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