The last few weeks have felt somewhat like what I imagine living in a pneumatic tube feels like. Meaning just closed up and tight and going until the ride ends; and also something I’ve never done before.

The Cowtown Half-Marathon turned out to be so much fun. Who knew what a great time running 13.1 miles with thousands of my closest friends could be? Wish I had pictures of my own, but it’s a little tough to carry around a camera while winning running a long-ish race. However if you go to the race website, you can find links to 2008 race photos, and find pictures from the race. Jen and I stuck together the whole time and finished strong. Not to say it was the easiest thing either of us have done, but we certainly were distracted enough from feeling every single muscle, joint, tendon and ligament in our legs by the adrenaline, crowd, spectators and random musical acts (i.e. (wo)man with her own gigantic speakers/amp playing “Lyin’ Eyes” by the (f*ing) Eagles. Yeah, that’ll really motivate me to keep running.).

Speaking of other things I’ve never done before–I’m going to drop a class–barely under the wire. It’s such an interesting place to be in, academically, to be able to make decisions based on classes for what I feel I actually need–not in terms of course or degree requirements, but in terms of what I actually need to prepare me for what I will be doing in the next few steps. And I just don’t need this class; it has ceased to be edifying to my curiosity and the area(s) towards which I find myself gravitating. So, peace out.

Today was a Nap Day. And I took one. I never get to take a Sunday afternoon nap, and boy did I take advantage today.

Tomorrow I’m going to make chicken and dumplings. With sweet potatoes. You can start bribing me for a placesetting.


3 thoughts on “firsts

  1. First off, we accomplished something! And I was very very happy you were (are!) my running partner, I couldn’t have done it (committed/trained/registered/finished/had fun)without you.

    Also…I’m so glad I just emailed an acceptance to dinner tomorrow b/c I see the menu will be chicken n dumplings yum!!!!

  2. You are obviously amazing. And yes, we should have a bake off. Because you are an excellent baker/domestic goddess. It’s good times.

    And your chicken and dumplings with sweet potatoes sounds so rad. Maybe you’ll give me the recipe?

  3. I wish I could come eat your food. 😦 I promise to come visit you sometime after I get back from Passport and before Christmas. πŸ™‚

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