more like a job

When I get up each morning and stay on campus either in class or library (or some other such venue that I have to fight for my soul), and don’t come home until dinner time or even later.

When I am at the library working on things even after the last official final has been given.

When my last class assignment for the semester is turn in and, while relieved to be finished, I’m more relieved to get to all the other work that is still left undone.

When I can schedule my own days, leaving me free to enjoy a game of scrabble (thank you dining room table with a lazy susan), and some ‘damn folky’ music with friends.


2 thoughts on “more like a job

  1. thank you for your comments on my blog. i think it is quite obvious that you and i have impeccable taste in both blog themes and music:) hope you have a good christmas and get some down time.

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