adventures in scratch

Last night was pizza night.

As the resident overachiever, I used Alton Brown’s recipe for dough, which I have to admit I was rather skeptical about because the first step calls for dissolving 25 mg of chewable Vitamin C in warm water–before adding yeast and such.  Whatever that does to the dough, though, I thought it was delicious.  Technically I should have made the dough the previous evening so it could sit in the fridge overnight.  This was the first bread dough I’ve made that actually rose on schedule.  Usually I have to wait a little (or a lot) longer; maybe it was the instant–as opposed to active dry–yeast or just a great recipe…

As if dough weren’t enough, I decided that since I got a brides-me-downed super-nice blender, that surely I could just whip up some fresh pesto.  Not that hard.  Ha.   First of all, who gets olive oil. In their EYE.  Me.  And you can’t just rinse olive oil (extra virgin, first press) off a contact lens with saline and put it back in.  Trust me.

Back to the blender.  We fought. And it won.  I have the sliced spoonula to prove it.

Or maybe I won because I came out of there with some pretty good–if oily–pesto.

The pizzas turned out great (pictures forthcoming).  Though after that little foray I don’t know that I’m awfully excited to put chorizo on anything again. Tastes good–but have you ever squeeze meet out of plastic casing?  Just not right.


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