view from a sunday night

Tonight I am laughing at my roommate who is in her room watching an anime dvd (our dvd player is mysteriously broken).  All because she told her fourth (?) graders she would.  So now I get to listen to her call “Meredith…It’s so…weird!”  All because she’s a Good Teacher.

Tonight I’m staring down the pipe at a packed week.  Somehow I’ve put off taking care of defensive driving school for a pesky little speeding ticket, and I’m frustrated that I have to find the time to do that when I really should be researching, putting together a syllabus, and being all-around brilliant.  What would have been truly brilliant would have been not speeding to begin with.

Tonight I’m feeling pleased with my movie choice.  Only four youth came (trying not to take it personally), but we watching God Grew Tired of Us, a National Geographic documentary about Sudanese “lost boy” refugees coming to the United States.  It tells a fascinating, deep story about their (literal) journey through Sarahan Africa (and again), and then to the “land of opportunity” and the lessons they learned and how they interact with this way of life, and attempt to maintain their own sense of identity and culture–to varying degrees of success.  Also, it’s fun to watch them experience the grocery store.


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