trees, brisk wind, bagels…and route one.

New Jersey.

I love it.  (I heard that. Quit snickering.)

Maybe instead of trying to publish the dissertation I’m supposed to write, instead I’ll write a love letter to the Garden State.  Or a bit more broadly–the tri-state area.  Or the entire Northeast Corridor.

It’s good to be back, and already it feels too quick.  I’ve consumed more bagels in the last couple of days than in the past few weeks.  All the best things about this place are tough to keep as souvenirs.  Bagels, hoagies, leaves, breeze, accents, blunt-yet-efficient servers.

The NYC jaunt might have been better but for the rain (cold, slanted rain).  Not one to complain (ha!), though, the day/night up there was great…seeing friends from Kentucky, gathered in Harlem is a bit trippy.  Over the Rhine were fantastic…so classy, snazzy and on.  After hearing them sing and talk about the new album, I appreciate it even more.

Today might have been the picaresque northeastern day.  I got up and went to read and have breakfast (bagel, cream cheese, fruit, tea) at a quaint cafe in Lawrenceville.  A bit of work done, then snuck food into Across the Universe (perhaps some more thoughts pending….I liked it though.), took a lovely run through the University, down Prospect Street (Eating Clubs), and back to Alisa’s apartment via Nassau Street (quintessential northeastern shopping).  Then we made dinner and pies.  Two pies.  Apple-butter-pumpking pie, and some quasi-created-apple-crumble-gooey-goodness.

It is totally fall.


One thought on “trees, brisk wind, bagels…and route one.

  1. Bagels are what I miss most about New York. Seriously. There was a place called HOT Bagels about a mile from my house and it was DELICIOUS. An Everything bagel toasted with cream cheese. Mmmmm.

    We’ll miss you in class today! Me especially … who’s going to defend me to Dr. Marsh? =).

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