heart full

things that made me smile and/or laugh today:

  • enjoying being in a roomful of freshmen
  • not being afraid of the needle when having to have blood drawn (while being annoyed at the nurse who told me “you got stingy at the end!”)
  • finishing the NYT crossword. In pen.
  • beautiful weather–and girls in ear muffs (Texas.)
  • being called a neo-con by my professor
  • contemplating (hoping for) the future invasion/occupation of Canada into the U.S., imparting socialism, thereby ‘liberating’ us from our oppressive regime. (Turns out Michael Moore already did that.)
  • watching our dog do acrobatics because she didn’t know how to deal with being on a leash
  • making a great meal to celebrate a wonderful friend and roommate
  • packing all my things for a week in the northeast in one large backpack
  • the phrase “lie balls”

One thought on “heart full

  1. Us neo-cons have to stick together.

    I don’t know if I told you this yesterday … but I really appreciate the things you said in class. I was getting flustered and not articulating myself well, and somehow you managed to say what I was trying to all along. You’re rad.

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