now taking applications

for my personal assistant.  anyone?  (I’m really nice)

I’m not complaining; I’m not, I swear. Somehow this semester took off, full speed ahead.  It is sunny (mostly) and hot (very) still, so getting out of summer/beginning-of-the-year-mode is hard.  Growing up with seasons has me hard-wired to plan according to weather.  Right about this time is should be brisk, chilly, getting me up and moving in the morning.  By the end of the semester it should be a bit greyer, darker, and colder, making it infinitely easier to stay in the library, in a cardigan, in front of a computer.

My dose of Fall is coming, though.  New Jersey–Garden State–here I come.  I made a little vacation out of it, and I might be killing myself a bit when I get back, but this is just the homecoming I’ll need.  Serendipitous scheduling is allowing me to see more old friends than I thought—PTS is holding an Alumni Gathering–and Over the Rhine is playing (with Rosie Thomas) in NYC on Friday night, so I’ll get to see old friends Karin and Linford (plus my real-life friends).  Crunchy leaves, slate sidewalks, brisk runs, layers, scarves, late nights with old friends…

(p.s. you can see my dorm room in this picture)

Also, did I mention I’m teaching next semester?  Religion and Society.  I need a book list and syllabus.  Any ideas? (no seriously.)


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