admitting it: first step

Things I’ve been addicted to…  (Or for the NPR crowd, things to which I’ve been addicted)

  • crossword puzzles
  • my couch at night
  • hot tea at night
  • taco tuesday at rosa’s
  • reading in bed (finished Eat, Pray, Love, just started History of Love, want to read The Kite Runner)
  • watching our dog run around the house
  • The Office
  • music from A Fine Frenzy, Andrew Bird, Bishop Allen and the Decemberists

2 thoughts on “admitting it: first step

  1. 1. Ditto on the sitting next to eachother.
    2. You might not want to read “The Kite Runner” in bed. I’ve heard from more than one person it’s very graphic and disturbing for a good portion of the book.
    3. You have a dog?!
    4. You’re rad.

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