anticipation…keepin’ me wa-ay-ay-tin’

Things I’m looking forward to:

Austin City Limits: This weekend. I went for it and found a three-day-pass on CraigsList (thanks Julia, wherever you are). taking off Friday after class for three days of Austin heat/rain (both? one or the other?) and music. Decemberists, Arcade Fire, Regina Spektor, Indigo Girls, The Killers, Spoon…. check out the schedule–any other must-sees?

Self-made vacation to NJ/NY. Coincidentally will be in Princeton for the Alumni Gathering. Seriously coincidental, but will still get the chance to see even more people than thought. And I will get to see Over the Rhine in NY.

Sister Emily’s viola recital. She says it’s her Junior recital, but she’s graduating early, but it’s only her third year in school. Don’t know what that makes her…. But I’m going and I don’t get to hear her play too often.

Fall Break. Okay, it’s only one day. It’s as though the administration is playing a big joke. Hey! Look! You get “Fall Break”! (And maybe we won’t notice two of the three days they call a break are really a weekend. Le Sigh.

Learning. Seriously. I like my classes. Because I am awesome.

Netflix. This is fun. Last night, “Mostly Martha”–a German film. Really, I just wanted to absorb the language. Tonight: “Spellbound”. And I am. (any more movie suggestions?)

Sidenote: I found this dialogue on a greeting card and laughed out loud.
Girl 1: Where’s your party at?
Girl 2: Don’t end your sentence in a preposition
Girl 1: Where’s your party at bitch?


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