under it

Waco has a way of seducing you. Never thought I’d think this, let alone admit it. Something about summer in this town especially, brings you under its spell. Even though this one felt busier than I expected, I still caught myself in these suspended moments of What Summer Ought To Be. Hot, to be sure. Which makes things still and thick and slow and easy. Once the rain stopped, at any rate. There were pools, and sun, and swimsuits, and iced tea, and cold beer, and sunscreen melting off faster than we could blend it in…. Also a good bit of work thrown in for good measure.

And perhaps this sort of summer was just what we all needed. To bring us back ready to hit the school year with matching force and speed with which the semester arrives. And it is now into this second week of school I am reminded of the bits of beauty that the school rhythm–albeit it more hurried and deeper–allows. Every day I grab a copy of the New York Times and attempt to at least read the headlines. I feel more informed during the school year; and not that I’m particularly proud of my relative ignorance of the summer months, subconsciously, though, I’m reading in the library, discussing in seminars, writing in coffeeshops, and reading the NYT. My study break becomes the crossword puzzle. As predicted, there were a fair number more blank squares left over today than yesterday.

The median air-conditioned room temperature around here is somewhere around brisk New England March morning. It’s hard to complain about the oppressive Texas heat, when it actually offers relief from the meat locker of a seminar room from which I just emerged.

Things I don’t miss about the summer include all the waiting I have to do now–waiting on a treadmill, waiting on a parking spot, waiting in line for a coffee….

Being a student is hard work.


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  1. And why do I have to have an email address to comment? Grrr. And why is my other comment “awaiting moderation” ? I should be able to spam your blog without harassment. 🙂

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