the summer list, part deux.

according to the registrar, summer is almost over (t-minus one week).  I’m celebrating by going home for a few days–wedding, friends, louisville food-slash-coffee, new hair.  While sitting here enjoying my latest kitchen creation (pineapple fried rice.  I believe the word you’re looking for is jealous.) I thought it was about time to add to the list.  Let’s see, first item: books.  This time: music.

Three concerts this summer.  Started off by marking the end of finals with “an evening with Damien Rice,” in Austin. The tickets may have been a little pricey, but more than worth it.  It was all him.  Unfortunately, he seems to have had his heart broken by (music) partner Lisa Hannigan, and had a different blonde cellist accompanying him (who nearly stole the show with her solo cover of The Flaming Lips’ “Yoshimi”).  There are no words to describe his acoustic–completely unplugged–version of “Cannonball”.  Tears.  The Patty Griffin tickets we purchased a couple months in advance snuck up on us, but gave us a great concert experience (if you ignore the domestic dispute that erupted, interrupting her finale…though somewhat poetically during “Getting Ready”.  The drunk middle-agers probably should’ve been paying attention to the music.).  Right before “Getting Ready,” Patty sang “Nobody’s Cryin'” followed by “Rain”.  Again, no words and tears.   A couple weeks ago I talked Courtney and Claire into heading to Emo’s to see Bishop Allen.  Even though we had to wait a couple hours, the concert was cheap, and so much fun–how live music should be.  Page France opened up for them and is now one of my new favorite bands.  The xylophone and interesting drums/other percussion give them such a unique and fun sound–and their lyrics are simply creative.  Bishop Allen was the highlight for me.  I surprised myself with how many songs I actually knew.  They also had a chick with a glockenspiel.  Apparently it’s the new indie thing.

Other music of note for the summer…Spoon’s new album is fun,  I’ve continued my love affair with bluegrass/folksy singers, including, of course, Hem, the Be Good Tanyas, and Old Crow Medicine Show.  I’ve also delved into my Paste music samplers, and subscribed to eMusic (kind like netflix for good music).  If interested, let me know, and I can refer you–then we both get bonus music.

it’s Bishop Allen.  Aren’t they cute?


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