the skinny

Remember how it’s summer and life is supposed to be slower and I only work 21 hours a week (yes, 21; not 20; not 22.) and I’m supposed to be laying around reading, playing, etc.? Bah.

First of all, I’ve moved twice since summer “began”. Currently I can still see two big cardboard boxes from my sprawl on my bed. And plenty of things awaiting their final home. Until I move them out of Texas. Unfortunately, this homemaker is slightly deficient at picking out anchors for the wall. And though I am a successful coffee-table-maker (including hinges, thankyouverymuch), I can’t work the lawnmower.

Aside from myself, others have been moving around and shifting. Goodbyes and transition color this summer. It’s grey. Also because of the rain. According to what I overhear (which is always reliable) Central Texas has received enough rain in the first half of 2007 to last three years. No sun-worship. It’s actually been a “mild” summer. I moved here almost exactly a year ago–in 100+ degree heat, plus some humidity and sparse breeze. We’ve had rain, wind, and so far no temperatures in the triple digits. Yet.

Remember how we used to be able to brag about our injuries and scars and scabs like battle scars of life. I still do. During one of my moves, exhibiting a normal amount of grace, I fell and skinned my knee. Pretty beautiful. The most recent bragging right comes thanks to my “most-likely-staph-related-infection” on the right cornea. Also quite a sight for sore eyes (pun most certainly intended).

Emily (the sister) comes tomorrow. Welcome to Texas.

Anyone else tried the Simpsonize Me gimmick? I did:

Me as a Simpson


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